Best Bitcoin Wallet In Nigeria

bitcoin wallet in Nigeria

If you are looking for the best bitcoin wallet in Nigeria then rejoice because this article provides a quick review and summary on the best bitcoin wallet you can use in Nigeria.

best bitcoin wallet in nigeria

Before you begin to trade bitcoin in Nigeria, you should have a storehouse or a storage facility to keep your Bitcoin. This storehouse or storage facility is called a Bitcoin wallet.

Owning a Bitcoin wallet is actually the first thing that should be put in place before you consider trading Bitcoin in Nigeria. This is because Bitcoin are only stored in Bitcoin wallets.

Without a Bitcoin wallet, you can not store your Bitcoins or keep them safe. It is therefore very important that you get the best Bitcoin wallet available for the safekeeping of your Bitcoin.

This article is aimed at helping you discover the features of trusted and credible Bitcoin wallets you can use to store your Bitcoin and be sure of their safety.

Getting Bitcoins today can be a very daunting venture and no one would want to lose their precious Bitcoin on account of bad storage and unsecured wallets.

What Is a Bitcoin Wallet?

What really is a Bitcoin wallet?

Simply put, a Bitcoin wallet is a device, application or website where you can keep or store your Bitcoins.

A Bitcoin wallet for your Bitcoin is what a bank account is for your naira. The way you use your bank account to safely keep your cash is the same way you use a Bitcoin wallet to safely keep your Bitcoins.

It is worthy to note that it is not your Bitcoin that actually needs saving but the private keys available on the Bitcoin wallet which allows you manage and use your Bitcoin.

Every Bitcoin wallet contains what is called Private Keys. This private keys are tools to help you spend your Bitcoins. The Bitcoin wallet is actually designed to help you keep these private keys safe.

With a growing list of Bitcoin wallets with several awesomely amazing features, one will need a guide such as this one to accurately decide which bitcoin wallet to use in Nigeria.

This list on the best bitcoin wallet in Nigeria is prepared to assist you in deciding which Bitcoin wallet suits your preferences. Let’s dive into the list and see what it contains.

1. Blockchain Wallet

The Blockchain wallet is by all standards the world’s most popular Bitcoin wallet. They have over fifty (50) million wallets and have made transactions worth over $200B.

If you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable platform to store your Bitcoins then, Blockchain should be your preferred choice.

Additionally, on Blockchain, you have complete control over your Bitcoin. The wallet allows you to both back up your funds and protect them from unauthorized access.

You can send, receive, buy, sell and exchange Bitcoin on Blockchain from anywhere in the world provided you have a smartphone and an internet connection.

2. Trezor Hardware Bitcoin Wallet

The Trezor Hardware Wallet is actually a deviation from the Blockchain wallet. This wallet is not a website or app but a device like the name implies.

According to Bitcoin Wiki, Trezor is a hardware wallet providing advanced security for handling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies private keys.

best bitcoin wallet in Nigeria
The Trezor Hardware Wallet

With Trezor, you can carry out transactions with your Bitcoins without exposing your private keys to a potentially compromised computer – security at its peak.

Trezor is designed to protect your private keys from the any form of online and offline risks.

Even when you connect Trezor to a computer that is already compromised, you are still sure of a 100 per cent control on your Bitcoins.

Since it is not connected to any online server, there is no potentiality of hacking into the wallet. Trezor assures maximum security for your Bitcoins.

3. Exodus Wallet

The Exodus Bitcoin wallet is certainly the best bitcoin wallet in terms of user experience and usability. If you know nothing about crypto currency, you will easily find your way around Exodus.

As a software, you can use both the Exodus Bitcoin Wallet and the Trezor Hardware Wallet. That is using the amazing user interface of Exodus while enjoying the top-notch security of Trezor.

Password protection and automatic wallet lock after a selected period of time are two of the most important security features offered by Exodus wallet.

With Exodus Wallet, you can trade about 103 crypto currencies popular amongst which are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, EOS, Tether, Binance Coin, Ontology and Bitcoin Cash.

4. Coinbase

Formerly called Toshi, Coinbase is one of the most secured Bitcoin wallets available today headquartered in San Francisco, USA.

They are a digital currency exchange which makes it easy to buy, sell and store any form of crypto currency from Bitcoins to Ripple to Litecoin and so on.

You can store your crypto currency in vaults provided by Coinbase. They also store the vast majority of the digital assets in secure offline storage.

With an active insurance policy, you can be sure your funds are safe with Coinbase.

Final Remarks

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